Surfing Europe

Surfing in Europe offers diverse and exciting opportunities, from the rugged Atlantic coastlines to the sunny Mediterranean shores. Traveling in a motorhome provides the freedom and flexibility to chase the best waves and explore hidden surf spots. Here's a short guide to help you plan a thrilling motorhome surfing adventure across Europe.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to surf in Europe depends on the destination. Generally, late spring (May and June) and early autumn (September and October) offer good conditions with milder weather and fewer crowds.

Top Surfing Destinations

1 France:

• Biarritz: Known as the birthplace of surfing in Europe, Biarritz offers consistent waves, a vibrant surf culture, and beautiful beaches. The Grande Plage and Côte des Basques are must-visit spots.

• Hossegor: Famous for its powerful beach breaks, Hossegor is a top destination for experienced surfers. The town also hosts major surf competitions like the Quiksilver Pro France.

2 Spain:

• San Sebastián: This city combines excellent surfing with rich culture and cuisine. Zurriola Beach is the main surf spot, suitable for all levels.

• Mundaka: Renowned for its world-class left-hand river mouth break, Mundaka is a dream destination for advanced surfers.

3 Portugal:

• Peniche: Known for its consistent surf and variety of breaks, Peniche is home to Supertubos, a famous heavy barrel wave.

• Ericeira: This charming fishing village is a World Surfing Reserve with numerous quality breaks like Ribeira d’Ilhas and Coxos.

4 United Kingdom:

• Newquay, Cornwall: Often considered the surfing capital of the UK, Newquay offers a range of waves at spots like Fistral Beach and Watergate Bay.

• Thurso, Scotland: For a unique surfing experience, head to Thurso for powerful reef breaks and dramatic coastal scenery.

Motorhome-Friendly Campsites

1 France:

• Le Boudigau: Near Hossegor, this campsite offers easy access to the beach and surf spots, along with excellent facilities.

• Camping Pavillon Royal: Located in Biarritz, this site provides direct beach access and beautiful views.

2 Spain:

• Camping Zarautz: Near San Sebastián, this site offers stunning views over the beach and is a short walk to the surf.

• Camping & Bungalows Portuondo: Close to Mundaka, this campsite offers good amenities and proximity to the famous break.

3 Portugal:

• Peniche Praia Camping: Right next to the beach, this site is perfect for accessing Peniche’s surf spots.

• Ericeira Camping: A short walk from Ribeira d’Ilhas, this campsite is ideal for exploring Ericeira’s waves.

4 United Kingdom:

• Treloy Touring Park: Near Newquay, this site offers great facilities and easy access to local beaches.

• Thurso Bay Caravan and Camping Park: Perfectly positioned for exploring Thurso’s surf breaks.

Practical Tips

• Plan Your Route: European roads can vary from wide motorways to narrow coastal lanes. Plan your route to avoid difficult driving conditions and ensure your motorhome is suitable for the journey.

• Check Local Surf Conditions: Local surf shops and websites provide up-to-date information on wave conditions, tides, and weather.

• Respect Local Rules: Be mindful of local regulations regarding camping and waste disposal. Stick to designated campsites and respect the environment.

• Pack Essentials: Bring all necessary surfing gear, including wetsuits appropriate for the water temperature, surfboard repair kits, and safety equipment.

• Stay Flexible: Weather and surf conditions can change quickly. Be prepared to adjust your plans and explore different spots.


Surfing in Europe with a motorhome is an unforgettable adventure, offering the freedom to explore diverse coastlines and world-class waves. With careful planning and a spirit of adventure, you can enjoy an incredible journey filled with surfing, culture, and stunning scenery. Get ready to hit the road and ride the waves!